Rosy Rings Travel Tin Soy Candle

These candles are the perfect size. Take them along for when you travel, place on a small window ledge in your bedroom or bathroom, or give as a gift to show your friend how much they mean to you. Made with a 100% natural soy wax blend, cotton wick, and essential and high quality fragrance oils, these natural candles will become your new favorite household essential. Choose from a variety of fragrances. Two wicks.

24 hour burn time; 2.75oz

Handmade in Colorado


Apricot Rose: Think pink roses and almond blossoms sweetened by juicy apricots and mirabelle plums. Pomelo leaf, violets and blond woods round out this undeniably charming scent.

Beach Daisy: Think blue-green ocean waves with a salty tinge, an aquatic floral accord and a cascade of sweet, smooth vanilla to finish off this dreamy scent.

Honey Tobacco: Think a leather club chair, bourbon on the rocks, or a gently wafting pipe; almond, honey flower, crushed tobacco, patchouli, warm amber, sandalwood and tonka bean describe this favorite scent.

Lemon Blossom & Lychee: Think lemon blossoms with rose petals and ambrosial lychee. A blissful fragrance that is delicate yet lasting.

Roman Lavender: Think stems of fresh lavender interwoven in an herbal bouquet of rosemary, sage, basil and olive leaf. Wild iris and coastal cypress quietly emerge and create a calm in this herbaceous scent.

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