Easter Outfit Shopping Guide 2017

Easter is just a few weeks away and that means it's time to SHOP for an outfit that screams spring and will surely get you compliments. Whether your plans include scarfing down chocolate bunnies with your nieces and nephews, heading to brunch with friends and/or family, or hunting for Easter eggs, we've got you covered at every angle.

Outfit #1: For those ladies that will be on the move, such as hunting for Easter eggs or chasing down your nieces or nephews, you can go with something more casual, yet spring-motivated.

Start with a very spring-like pair of floral pants or a skirt, add a pastel color top and finish the outfit with a cover-up.

Ribkoff Floral Pant  Lavender Crop TopLevel 99 Denim Jacket

Outfit #2: If you're headed to a social gathering or event that's a bit more formal, you'll want to shop for a more traditional Easter dress.

This fitted dress has Easter written all over it. From floral print, to bright spring colors, and the perfect silhouette, this dress works in all the right ways. Just add an Easter hat and you're ready to head out the door.

Ribkoff Floral Dress

Outfit #3: Sunday brunch with friends and/or family will usually allow for the most options (depending on the location). However, you'll want to stick with either a long maxi dress or keep in suit with a dress that includes floral patterns or spring colors.

Ribkoff Striped MaxiRibkoff Draped DressLace Maxi DressFloral Ivory DressFloral DressPastel DressLace Coral Dress

And there you have it! Now get to shopping for that Easter outfit and don't forget to indulge in a little Easter candy on the big day! ;)


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