Six Ways to Style the New High Low Dress

The high low dress is becoming very popular!  It is so versatile and fashion forward and is a wardrobe must-have.  If you’ve tried a maxi dress and not liked the way you looked or perhaps felt like you were drowning in all that fabric, try a high low dress.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the difference.  There are high low dresses that are asymmetrical with one side higher than the other and some that are short in front and long in the back.  There are so many different ways to pair this dress with your other wardrobe pieces.  You can actually stretch your fashion dollars while creating many different looks from this one little dress!

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#1 As a Cover-up At the Beach


#2 Over Leggings or Jeggings or Skinny Jeans


#3 Tucked into a Skirt as a Top


#4 Over Another Dress


#5 Over a Lace Skirt


#6  All By Itself



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