Don't be Fooled by the Avarca Knock-Off

The Original PONS Avarcas
The Pons family from Menorca know how to make shoes since they've been doing it for over three generations. In the beginning (1945), they made sturdy sandals for farmers with soles made from recycled tires and uppers from soft leather. This kept the farmer's feet cool, comfortable and protected. Today, all handmade in Spain, their eCo Classic line still uses the recycled tires, while the other lines use lightweight flexible rubber molds. Regardless of the model, the essence of the original Menorca avarcas has stayed in tact, and these sandals have become an essential everyday accessory, especially in the United States since two Barcelonians moved to California in 2004.
Noelia Pahissa and her husband, Jose Fuentes grew up wearing Avarcas sandals, and once they started to get compliment after compliment from Americans, they knew there was great demand for this Spanish product. These San Diego-based co-founders of Avarcas USA, work exclusively with the Menorcan PONS brand, bringing handmade, eco-friendly artisan sandals to Americans. 
Since this product has grown in popularity, some manufacturers have come up with fake imitations that are not close to the authentic, artisan, and top quality of the genuine avarcas. In order to protect the traditional handcrafted avarcas, the local government and the Shoemaker Association of Menorca developed the "Product of Menorca" tag that ensures the highest standards and authenticity of the avarcas sandal while preserving and protecting the artisans and tradition of the island. If you don't see this tag on your sandal, you know you've found a knock-off. 
The avarca sandal style has been stylish for a long time and certainly won't look dated anytime soon with its increasing popularity so we urge you to grab your favorite color and style, and begin to understand why this Spanish product has become so popular in the United States. Stylish, comfortable, and versatile. They are a must-have for spring fashion. 

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