Canned Goods Can Do Good

CANNED GOODS repurposes tin cans into beautiful jewelry for men and women, and gives one can of food to a reputable charity for each item purchased through their CAN DO GOOD program.

We love the original pieces created from this household metal and how the natural colors magnify into stunning accessories. Simple, modern, classic, raw, casual, elegant. CANNED GOODS are must-have versatile jewelry pieces that will become a conversation piece and the center of attention for your outfit.

We love the product, but we also love the backstory. It all started in June 2013 when Thomas (the company owner) was racking his brain to find his wife a gift on their 10 year wedding anniversary. The traditional gift for 10 years is tin, so Thomas set out to find the perfect gift. While preparing dinner one night, he just happened to use a canned good and it was right then that he had his "Ahh-haaa" moment. He went to work in the garage and ended up with a pair of earrings and a bracelet made from the tin can. His wife loved his gifts, and after she showed them off to several close family and friends (who also loved the pieces), he realized his idea could become so much more and this is what started CANNED GOODS.

Stop in-store to see the full collection of earrings and cuffs we now carry by CANNED GOODS.

1550 Platte St, Denver, Colorado 80202.  


UPDATE: CANNED GOODS gave just over 1,000 cans of soup to the MetroCareRing in Denver from their CAN DO GOOD program in 2014. 

We CAN DO GOOD together, and we love being a part of it. 



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