Spring Fashion Trends 2015

Get ready to reinvent yourself with the designer Spring 2015 fashion trends. Some were already gaining ground last year, but this year is full of fun, flirty and highly relaxed looks. Overall, the one trend that stands out is the flexibility to put your own stamp on any of these trends to truly show off your independent fashionista.

Yellow And Green

Military green and bright yellow are invading the runways. Of course, both are easy to add to any outfit. Try a retro army jacket or relax in loose cargos. Bright shades of yellow are being seen on everything from hair accessories to shoes and everything in between. Whether you wear a solid yellow dress or just have a few touches here and there, yellow is a must wear for 2015.

Brighter Accessories

Neon is back for 2015, but it’s more prevalent on accessories than clothing. The brighter your neon accessories, the better. Spice up a plain black dress with a bright green and pink belt or add a neon blue clutch to your usual jeans and tee. It’s easy to add bright accessories for an instantly trendy look.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could wear your favorite shirt as a dress? Designers thought so too. You can find pretty much any length and style. From a simple t-shirt look with a belt to sexy button down shirts with thigh high slits, shirtdresses fit nearly everyone’s style in some way. They’re relaxed, flirty and fun.

Black And White or Blue And White Patterns

Black, blue and white are old school, but the 2015 version combines the colors with patterns. Shirts, pants, dresses and skirts are all sporting a wide variety of patterns in black, blue and white. Of course, mix this with the plaid trend for the ultimate runway look. So skip the plain solid black. blue and white this year and choose patterns and prints instead.

If the 2014 off the shoulder trend didn’t work for you, try 2015’s one shoulder tops instead. Numerous dresses and tops now feature only one shoulder so you show off just one sexy shoulder instead. The flirty look is ideal for a night out with the girls or a romantic date night. Some designers have created wrap style tops that let you choose which shoulder to expose.

While these aren’t the only trends, they are some of the most popular. Loose fitting jeans, culottes and flats are all still in style. Have fun and experiment with theses 2015 fashion trends to see which ones work best for you.

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