How can you make some of your favorite shoes even better?

How can you make some of your favorite shoes even better?

That’s easy…Catwalk Clawz!

This is a new product made right here in Colorado, by a small company that loves shoes just as much as we do! So we took a little time to find out more about this unique product and how it all started.

As it turns out, Anne Anthony, the inventor of Catwalk Clawz, was not in the fashion or shoe business at all. She spent years in sales and found that many of her shoes just weren’t up to the task of keeping her on top of her game.

“I have always really been into stylish shoes, and in sales I was wearing them on all kinds of surfaces from wood, tile and marble floors to concrete floors in warehouses. I noticed that I was not wearing a lot of my shoes because they just did not give me the solid footing I needed. This kept too many of my favorite shoes in my closet and I wound up buying quite a few pairs that had the better traction of rugged rubber soles, but left a lot to be desired in the style area. So, I started looking around for something to add to the sole. There were a few things on the market but they were a very hard, cheap “plasticky” type of material that didn’t really work that well and looked awful. So I started experimenting with some high-tech materials I was familiar with in my job.” Anne explained.

“After searching for several months I found a particular material that worked incredibly well. I put it on all kinds of different shoes that I owned and was amazed by the difference it made. The improvement in traction was remarkable. Not only did they help on all types of surfaces, they were fantastic in the winter. It really worked year-round. They even protected the soles from wear. I was thrilled!”

“Once I had made a few pair I gave some out to my girlfriends and the feedback was unanimous. Everybody loved them. That’s how this whole crazy thing got started. I still laugh at how it all began. Starting my own company was not even on my radar. It just sprung up on its own because I wanted to make my favorite shoes even better.”

We then asked how she decided to approach Sous le Lit to sell her product. “Well it was pretty easy actually. When we look at boutiques to work with there are three major factors we look for immediately. These are style, quality and last, but most importantly, people. Sous le Lit was a perfect fit for our product. The buyer in a boutique sets the style and gives the shop its own unique character. Sous le Lit does a fantastic job providing very stylish new product lines without being pretentious. The quality of their products speaks volumes about their respect for their clients. Take the Fortress of Inca shoe line, for example. These are gorgeous shoes you can just look at and see the quality with which they are produced. In fact, Sous le Lit introduced me to the Inca line… and I am afraid I might have a new addiction.”

“Lastly it’s about people. I’ve never left Sous le Lit without being in a better mood than when I went into the store. Lisa and Greg genuinely love their business and you can tell they enjoy talking with everybody that walks through the door. This is what really sets a great boutique apart from the pack.”

So, there you have it. The birth of a local company turning great shoes into fantastic shoes! Give them a try by coming into Sous le Lit or visit us online at to turbo charge your favorite shoes just in time for the holidays.


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