Fall Fashion Trends 2014

Fall is our favorite season because we get to stock up on warm sweaters, comfortable boots, and rich colors and fabrics. This year, the runways are telling us that the season will have an eclectic feel; from head-to-toe knit, to pops of electric blue and ruby red, and even some skull shocking bandanas. So whether you are a minimalist or someone who loves to make a bold statement, you are sure to find a style that you’ll love this fall.


Since the weather has started to change, we’ve put together a quick list so you can begin hunting for those great fall pieces for your wardrobe:

1. Mod Styles: The 60s are back! Sheath dresses, bold colors, and go-go boots.

2. Fair Isle Prints: There is nothing more comfy than lounging around in a feel-at-home fair isle print chunky sweater. We are already dreaming of sitting by the fireplace with our hot chocolate in hand. 

3. Head-To-Toe Knits: Not just for sweaters, but staying warm from head-to-toe.  

4. Every Shade of Blue: From navy, to royal, to sky blue, you’ll be able to find your perfect shade.

5. Colored Leather Skirts: Leather skirts are not just black anymore. Find these in all the colors of the rainbow this fall.

6. Menswear Inspired: Trousers and blazers are all the fuss. Invest in a piece you may find in your beau’s closet.  

7. Tough Girl Chic: Accessories from skull print face bandanas to shin guard-like heels. Start practicing your kick ass face. 

8. Sparkly Shoes: The perfect accent to liven up your outfit and even better when the holidays roll around. Glitter it up!

9. Fun Fur: A season staple for fall and winter. Look for fun colors and prints.

10. Ruby Red: All shades of red are taking the town. Use red as an accent or wear it head-to-toe for a bold statement. 


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