Wearing White After Labor Day; Do or Don't?

It's that time of year again when the tradition holds that wearing white is a major fashion faux pas, but is this custom outdated?  

Our experts are telling us that this rule is no longer in fashion so don't stop wearing those whites because Labor Day is over. Here are a few tips on wearing specific items:

1. A White Blazer: Pair it with a black or grey turtleneck and skinny jeans, instead of the loose camisole and shorts you've been wearing it with over summer.

2. White Boots: Risky, but if you want to show them off, wear them with a skirt to make them the focus.

3. A White Belt: Mix this accessory with a neutral bottom and colorful top, creating a colorblock effect.

4. White or Cream Tops: Don't worry, these are always in style.

5. White Pants: These should be in fall fabric, however you could pair white denim with a suede shoe.

6. White Sunglasses and Jewelry: These can feel too summery so only wear them if you're traveling to a warm location. Otherwise, to pull this off, wear an acrylic white cuff over the wrist of a tight burnt orange or teal cashmere sweater.

You spent good money on those brilliant white wardrobe pieces so wear them fashionably along with fall colors and fabrics for a look that will get you noticed (and not frowned upon).

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