Fashion Mistakes Women Despise About Men

Socks that don't match your outfit

Socks are more important than any man realizes. We'll visit this topic several times. You're on the way to your office, dressed in your finest suit, but under those paints you're hiding a pair of white calf-length Champions. (by the way, don't wear Champions, unless your prepubescent). Your orange argyle socks go perfectly with that lavender fitted shirt….right? Come on guys, pull it all together.


Mismatched Socks

One black with a green stripe, one black with a blue stripe. Sometimes, one white, one black. Seriously? You'd be surprised how often your socks show during the day. What about when you sit or cross your legs, those pants ride up and BAM: your one nike and one adidas are shown to the world…and people notice. All this shows is your laziness.


Your idea of "dressed up"

I'm sorry but putting on your golf shirt and your khakis is not dressing up. Neither is always resorting to Ralph and his reliable polos. Throw on a tie under a slight V-Neck and match with tailored slacks. Your girl doesn't "dress-up" in American Eagle jeans and a cable knit sweater does she (by the way if she does, say goodbye)?


Socks with Sandals

There's no description needed here. The classic sin most men make; Jesus would be disappointed.


Short Ties

I cannot emphasize the hideousness of a short tie. If that bad boy doesn't reach your belt, get ready to be made fun of at a party. You are making yourself look heavier. Either tie it correctly or don't shop in the boys section.


Un-tailored Suits

I understand it is very expensive to have a tailored suit, however I do believe every man should try and have one. But seeing a man in a suit that is clearly not his size tells me one of two things: a. you borrowed this because you're cheap; b. you're an idiot.


Holes and Rips

It's not okay to wear a tee shirt with a hole in it, or a sock, or those pants that are too long and are frayed on the bottom. Because we will stare at it. And become obsessed with it.


Flat billed hats with a sticker

You don't wear shirts with the tags still on them, or jeans with the long clear sticker with your pant size repeated over and over still stuck to the denim. So why is the sticker still on your hat? I don't care what you're reason is, to me, you're probably wearing it and then returning it. So if your cheap and lazy, Lids should probably check your return for lice as well. By the way, you look like a dumbass.



Look, there are a lot of people who fall in-between size categories. If a guy is wearing a tight shirt, he's usually made fun of for wearing a schmedium where in fact it's probably a Marge, or a Lardium. Just go the size above guys, not the size below. You don't like hearing schmedium just as much as we don't like saying it. Also, wearing a shirt too tightly makes women think your vain and trying to show off a figure you may or may not have.


No Belts

Do you enjoy pulling your pants up all day? I didn't think so.

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