Making Our Favorite Level 99 Denim Last

We love our Level 99 denim and we know you do too! So, how can we make our favorite jeans last?

Well, our biggest tip is to stop washing them with every wear. The less we wash our jeans, the better they really do become. Denim shapes to our body, and when we wash them, we not only lose that shape, but we are working our way to destroying our favorite pair with every wash. We’ve not only heard this from designer Tommy Hilfiger, but also from Carl Chiara, a director at Levi Strauss. Carl explains that washing causes the fibers of the denim to swell and bloom, which shrinks the jeans, and the heat destroys the overall quality. With that being said, we really need to avoid hot water and drying machines.

Then how do we care for our denim and keep them smelling fresh and looking amazing!? Here are five tips directly from the experts:

  1. Wear them as long as possible before you wash them. The optimal length of time is about 6 months. Look for when the back of the knees begin to fade and bunch. 
  2. Never, ever use regular fabric soap. Instead, use a capful of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Liquid soap in a bathtub of room temperature water. Soak for 20 minutes then hang dry by the belt loops until they are damp.
  3. Turn them inside out and add vinegar. If you have a darker shade of denim, add an eighth cup of white vinegar to keep them from fading.
  4. Put them back on when they’re damp if you want them to shape to your body.
  5. Hang them in the bathroom by the shower to extend their life between washes. The steam will help remove creases and air them out for freshness.

We all hate that moment when we have to toss out our favorite pair of Level 99 jeans and replace them with a brand new pair that we have to break in all over again. Well, now that you know these expert tips on how to make your denim last longer, rest assured if you follow them, your Level 99 favorite will be able to hang in your closet a lot longer.

If you haven’t had the experience of a Level 99 favorite pair of denim yet, check out our selection in-store or online. Once you try on a pair of these jeans, there's no turning back! They are not only comfortable, but they make you look amazing! And now you know how to make them last.

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